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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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. a metropolitan police department officer is accused in the case involving the production of child pornography. mtv spokeswoman says the officer was arrested last
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night. he is assigned to the 7th district and is scheduled to face a judge later this afternoon. we'll have more on this story on and at wusa9 news at 5:00 p.m. we're also following breaking news on the inner loop. these are live pictures from sky 9 over the wreckage on route 50 and 495. as you can see there is debris strewn all over the road. this crash happened about an hour ago. so far no injuries have been reported but a word of advice, avoid route a and the beltway if you can for the next several hours. hello. i'm andrea roane. vice president joe bide southbound in japan a the start of a week long trip through aish yamplet the vice president is -- asia. the vice president is standing united with japan, its ally in a territorial dispute with china. >> reporter: when vice president joe biden stepped off his plane in tokyo, he stepped into an escalating dispute between japan and neighboring
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china. >> we, the united states, are deeply concerned by the attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea. >> reporter: the united states and japan say china is attempting to increase its authority in the region by setting up a new air defense zone over the east china sea, an area japan already claims it controls. the vice president talked about the dispute as he met with japan's prime minister. >> this action has raised regional stepses and increase -- tensions and increased the risk of accidents and miscalculation. >> reporter: the united states put its own b-52 into the zone last week in a move to show that washington doesn't recognize china's claim. but the u.s. told u.s. commercial airlines to give notice of their flight plans ahead of time. they are urging leaders to do everything me can to -- they
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can to stop further escalation. vice president biden travels to beijing to meet china's president later this week. later today, president obama will highlight some of the positives about the affordable care act. he'll shine the spotlight on people who have been helped by health care reform. president obama is expected to charge -- serp certain. the white house -- [indiscernible] the white house says the repaired website is now better able to accommodate high volume traffic. the case of two terror suspects who claim they were tortured in a secret c.i.a. prison in poland has reached europe's human rights court. >> i declare open the public hearing. >> reporter: judges on the european court of human rights are exeg claims poland -- examining claims poland allowed the c.i.a. to operate a covert jail on its soil. it's the first time an open court has heard allegations warsaw let the u.s. arrest and
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interrogate terror suspects as part of the c.i.a.'s program extraordinary rendition. the case involves a saudi national accused in the deadly al qaeda attack on the u.s.s. cole in 2000 and a palestinian man who has never been charged with a crime. the men claim they were tortured in a forest in northern poland in 2002 and subjected to mock executions and water boarding. the u.s. is now holding both terror suspects in guantanamo bay, cuba. lawyers say poland should be held responsible for their torture since it allowed a secret so-called black site to operate in its territory. polish leaders in office at the time denied the existence of secret c.i.a. jails. poland launched a criminal investigation in 2008. human rights groups accuse poland of a coverup. the court gave no timetable for its ruling. tina krause, cbs news. >> u.s. government says it now interrogates terror suspects at
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sea. all secret c.i.a. prisons were closed may of 2006. funeral services for an ocean city, maryland pastor david dingwell will take place today. he was killed in a bizarre church fire last week. the blaze started when a man engulfed in flames ran into the church's pantry is screaming for help. that man also died. federal authorities sathe derailed metro north commuter train was valving at 82 -- traveling at 82 miles an hour, almost three times the speed limit when it jumped the tracks sunday morning in new york city. four people were killed, nearly 70 others were injured in the derailment. still not clear whether the wreck was caused by human error or mechanical trouble. soon you may have to shell out more to hop on metro. the agency wants to increase fares by an average of 3%. that means a 10 cent increase to the cost of a typical train ride.
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the standard bus fare would go up to a dollar 75 cents regardless of whether you pay with cash or a smartrip card. and parking in metro lots would go up by 25 cents. now we just have to see whether the budget will be approved. still to come when our news continues, howard is up next with the forecast. find out when we'll return to more cooler temperatures. >> before we go, we want to ask you to help wusa9 spread some holiday cheer. log on to click on our give joy tab and send a gift from a child's wish list. all you have to do is click on, give a gift, pick a charity, choose a toy and it's shipped directly to that charity and given
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yesterday he announced he's seeking reelection. d.c. mayor vincent gray gave a progress report on his five- year economic development plan. but at some point things got
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heated. bruce johnson joins us live from city market in northwest with more. good morning, bruce. what happened? >> reporter: you've been around. you know where this is going. it got heated when we tried to get the mayor to talk about the 2010 campaign to get off what he said in the past merely he's done nothing wrong. to some meat on the bone. he refused to do that and was add participant. take a listen for -- adamant. take a listen for yourself. the other candidates who came into it specifically because of 2010, can you go any further other than saying you did nothing wrong? can you tell us when you found out? >> i have said that repeatedly, bruce. people get on a campaign because they want to. people wanted to get on the campaign because they want to be the mayor of the district of columbia the people who like the title. they ought to articulate a vision for the district of columbia. that is what people want to hear. we have a vision. we had a vig. we articulated a vision. we worked at that vision and we will continue to work at that vision. others who would aspire to be
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in this job -- wait a minute, bruce. >> reporter: okay. >> those who aspire to be in this job, they ought to do exactly the same thing and that is where is the city going to go. because if they're successful, then they will be in the job. they an obligation to say this is where i want to take the city. >> reporter: can i ask if you're willing to go further than what you already said? >> i've said what i've said. i've said it repeatedly. and there's no end to that. i want to talk about the future of the district of columbia. >> reporter: you don't plan to say anything more about 2010? >> i think i've said a lot already. i don't -- >> reporter: if you haven't been around, that 2010 campaign, you know what it's about. a number of irregularities. 600 plus thousand dollars off the books campaign that was illegal. cash payments to another candidate to get him to stay in the race, several people have already pleaded guilty to felonies. the u.s. attorney says the probe continues. he has never accused the mayor of any wrongdoing. the mayor has steadfastly said
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he's done nothing wrong but he won't go any further than that. a number of the candidates, four council members among them probably wouldn't be in this race if not for the 2010 campaign. muriel bowser ward 4 says it's time to turn the page. tommy wells says the mayor ran a corrupt campaign, doesn't deserve a second term. you'll hear this over and over again and we haven't gotten to the first debate. >> again the primary is just a few months away in april. he's got a lot to answer for even if he won't answer it. >> reporter: absolutely right. it comes down to if you believe the man has done a good job and 2010 isn't that important now, he could easily be reelected. it might not even be close. but if people like these other candidates want more answers on what happened back in 2010 with that campaign, the mayor could be in serious trouble. >> all right, bruce johnson reporting live. thank you, bruce. it is cloudy outside but at least it's not cold, at least not yet. howard is up next with the recent warm-up and when we'll return to weather more suitable
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for december. >> 50s now, on our way to the 60s before the week is out. but sunday, watch out for sunday. look at temps as we go to break. very comfortable right now. 54 at andrews. it's 50 degrees in leesburg and 45 on the bay. a little cooler there in north beach. i'll be back with the seven-day forecast. we'll focus on sunday yñ
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if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a zeal for our viewers, i would -- zeal for our viewers, -- deal for our secures, i would -- viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. we have an award winning gospel artist. he's performing at the eadvantage joe christmas show -- evnango christmas show -- evangel christmas show. great to have you here, marvin. a pleasure. from the tv commercials, it looks like radio city music hall step back a couple of paces. this is amazing. what attracted you to do something. this is your first time. >> it's my first time here. cc, bb, donny, marvin. actually, my brothers they
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attracted me to this. but i've heard about it for years. my son has been here. it's a fabulous production. the three winas brothers, bb, carmen and myself, we're doing this again. don't ask me why. >> you just said yes because your brothers -- >> i'm coming because i'm in a group now. but i've often -- i hear it's -- i've been on broadway and i hear that this is just fabulous. >> we've got to ask, why a production of this enormous scope to tell the christmas story? 200 live animals? >> well, it's a cast of 200 and -- the reason why is because we want people to know that this is probably one of the greatest times of the year, the greatest gift that was ever give ton man was not under the tree but he died on a tree. that was jesus christ. we're so excited to be able to tell this story in such a marvelous way that will uplift
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the hearts of people. we are just excited and keep doing it every year. >> it says come and be transformed as you watch the spectacular spectacle. >> you will be transformed. your heart will be filled with the christmas spirit, filled with joy, filled with laughter, filled with such excitement during this time because it's really a great, awesome time of the year. we want to give everyone the gift of joy during this time. >> it's over three weekends starting this weekend. have you already done rehearsals? you worked with the animals and everything. >> we're working on that today. the rest of this week, yes. >> and tickets are still available. >> tickets are still available. people can give us a call at 301-249-9400 or visit the website evangelcame thee -- we're excited to have the winas brothers. >> i know you are. i went on facebook and noticed you have groupon kind of tickets so it's everywhere.
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congratulations for being here for the first time. >> we look forward to seeing you. >> it will be my first time seeing this. a pleasure. happy holidays. >> thank you so much. >> it has turned into a really fine day. all those clouds this morning, they burned off leaving us with some hazy sunshine. you see the scaffolding continuing to come down off the monument. give it a few more days and it will be back to its grandeur. really a nice afternoon, especially for this time of year, our average high is 51. we're going into the mid-50s in many spots today with light wind. when you have sunshine, drier, light wind, 50s feel great. we're used to the colder temperatures. look at the satellite over the last few hours how the clouds are kind of gone now. we're looking at mostly sunny skies. notice the patch of clouds coming across northern maryland now, generally north of i-70 and to our southwest. some of these will creep back later this afternoon so partly to mostly sunny and really very comfortable. 57 already at the tappahannock airport.
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a little cooler on the bay. we have the bay temps chilly and also the more clouds, hagerstown 52. la plata 53. and here in d.c. sunny skies and a temperature at reagan national of 52 degrees. light south winds at 5 miles an hour. many of the areas the winds have been lighter than that and the humidity 59%. so we're in good shape today. things will be going downhill. let's talk about the weather headlines. we will be mild again tomorrow, back in the 50s with more clouds, maybe a stray shower. 60s for thursday with a shower but the best chance of showers coming up this week will be friday. still around 60. over the weekend colder air returns and on sunday that cold irair is going to be overrid bin some warmer air on top of it. looks like a wintry mess, potentially snow, sleet and freezing rain for a while, especially west of i-95. arctic air in western canada also moved into south central canada. current temps in the minus 20s and it's all moving to the south, southeast. denver is in the 50s now.
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going to be maybe minus 10, minus 20 much of colorado here by friday morning. that's how massive the cold air is. it's all going to be dragged down behind a storm system. loosely organized here in the northern rockies but once this passes, that will open the floodgates. the arctic air will pour down. over a foot of snow in dilute mfing -- deluth toward michigan. tbhear good shape. this is one -- we're in good shape. this is one of the best places to be in the country came. futurecast fairly quiet. we start out with mainly clear skies. we'll go cloudy overnight. some showers down in the carolinas stay away from us. a stray shower can't be ruled out in the afternoon and then we watch that cold front as we head into thursday o. here it is in the morning well out to the west. ahead of it still mild with a couple of showers but sunday, sunday has me concerned that we get into one of these classic cold air damming situations where the cold stays lodged at the surface and we go from snow to sleet to freezing rain. 54, pleasant this afternoon,
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even upper 50s south toward fredricksburg. tonight 30s to low 40s. 55 tomorrow. that stray afternoon shower. 65 on thursday with the afternoon shower. friday showers more likely around 60. a wintry mix on sunday and the skins and ravens are both home sunday. then monday milder, upper 40s. we have good disser is treats for you in the kitchen wh
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from indoor snowfall to a 60-foot tall glass christmas tree, the gaylord national resort and convention center has been transformed for the holidays but there's sweeter than that on tap for people who go there. amanda ross is the resort's executive pastry chef. thank you very much for being
12:26 pm
here. while we talk, you're working on creating what? >> well, this is something off our holiday cake pop experience that kicks off this weekend at the hotel. it's our first year having this experience. we think eight going to be a lot of -- it's going to be lot of fun. >> one of the things people have been talking about for for years is ice. -- for years is ice. it's interactive and telling a story. >> this year it's our main feature. this year the theme is twas the night before christmas. we have a bonus scene which is christmas in new york city. so it's a must see. big slides to slide down for the kids. a lot of fun for the families. >> you really are in ice so you have to dress warmly for this event. >> come bun bundled up. you'll get a big -- come bundled up but you'll get a parka as well. >> and a glass christmas tree. >> beautiful. it hangs from the beautiful of the atrium and we have christmas trees throughout the
12:27 pm
hotel. snow falls every evening in the atrium, my favorite feature for the holidays. you can also decorate ginger bread houses, a santa brunch. take your pictures with santa, lots of stiff. >> lots of things for the family. we talked a little bit about the pops you're making. how do you do it? >> we start off with our cake pops mix. vanilla cake right now we have with a butter scotch frosting. we implement the holiday flavors in our cake pops. chocolate orange, ginger. i'll take the cake pop and start with the regular ball. we get it on the stick and you make the form into the penguin. that's what we're decorating today and you just decorate as you like. and he'll end up looking just like this. >> so he's got a little hair. >> he has a little hair. >> and using m&ms. >> we add sprinkles right there. >> oh, isn't that cute.
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>> so easy. >> you can do this at home with something else. >> you can. that's the hope that we'll teach everybody in the class to recreate these at home for yourself with your family. >> that's it. amanda, thank you very much for being here with us. christmas is going on at the gay lord all through the holidays. the next news is at 5:00 p.m. and howard and i will be back bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:256789 yñ
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>> summer: dad. hi. >> nick: hey, summer. how was thanksgiving? i heard you and jack went to see your mom. >> summer: yeah, um... i just was hoping that she would... never mind. it didn't -- didn't work. >> nick: hey, you may have reached her. you may have given her that strength she needs to fight back. you never know. >> summer: yeah. maybe. doesn't really seem that way. >> nick: well, i'm sorry thanksgiving was so hard for you. >> summer: yeah, i flew back after and spent the rest of the holiday with the abbotts. >> nick: well, i'm glad. you know, you should be with people you care about over thanksgiving. >> summer: what about you? how was, uh -- how was the holiday with grandma and gr
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